Hot chocolate…       found it!!

Just a beautiful day with the pretty white snow to start the day off. Then my daughter shared this YouTube piano video with me. Amazing, it speaks to me, love it. The kids made an igloo…I know random….We had a wonderful evening listening to my son’s acapella concert this evening.We went up to SLC to temple square and watched the concert. This is the LDS temple and a couple of the lights, so pretty! I’m lds so I’ve been up there a lot, but I really loved this picture, it really doesn’t do it justice but I tried to catch how pretty it was and a bit of the orange lights on my favorite tree I saw.

Then we went across the street  through the BITING cold to grab a bit to eat at Blue Lemon. Knowing I might just be able to have a drink because I hadn’t explored my allergy options, I went a little apprehensively. I found a dairy free gluten free option: the BBQ meat with potatoes and a side of sweet potato fries, yum! The guy behind the register was super sweet and kind and answered my allergy questions, that was lovely. I had this delicious little drink also:

Ok on to the good stuff! Last night I had hot chocolate and it was good! ok not like I  remember but this was so close and really soothing, like I remember hot chocolate with dairy. So I picked up a can at Smiths and found this and no dairy yay! I added marshmellows and dipped a candy cane in it it was sooo awesome!  I made some of my own mix I think on an earlier blog post but this was far better:)


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  1. I love going to temple square at Christmas time. The lights are so beautiful. I’m so excited to hear that Smith’s carries a dairy-free hot chocolate powder. We have been trying, unsuccessfully, to figure out a way to make it ourselves. Do you mix it with water? Or almond milk? Or what?

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    1. hopeforeoe says:

      I mixed it with rice milk!! And I added a bunch of marshmellows and microwaved those so they would melt into made it more dairy like😊

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    2. hopeforeoe says:

      I have also tried to make homemade dairy free and wasnt as successful tho it passed ok..I used powdered sugar and cocoa powder I think …maybe something else was from something I saw on the Internet somewhere about homemade cocoa mix..but i dont think I did it right!

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