Veggies and Fruit for dinner, healthy!

Easy meal, however be forewarned that if you have kids like mine, the only thing I could convince them to eat was the sweetened fruit salad;) Butternut squash soup: cook the squash(how to bake it) blend in blender until smooth (store in freezer bags for later if you can’t eat it all now..) I like to…

let me eat Cake!

My brother owns a bakery….posts lots of yummy pictures, mainly I crave the cake!…so I made some and it was so satisfying…I ate my cake and my ice-cream too, all dairy free!

Article on dairy free cheese

Heres an article on dairy free cheese, very interesting and exciting for people who can’t have dairy… Here’s the article:)

Steak and cheesy potatoes~gluten, dairy free

As simple as can be.. asparagas: wash, cut off the ends Potatoes: dehydrated potatoe flakes mixed with hot water, salted to taste Steak: olive oil, salt and pepper cooked on the grill to your desired doneness… Dairy free provolone and steak drippings for the potatoes! I really like this Follow Your Heart provolone, it tastes…