And now for dessert! Df/gf French pancakes~smothered with  homemade apricot jam drizzle and dairy free butter

I ran out of bread…so I had to make these favorite panckaes of mine..more like a crepe.. The apricot jam I call drizzle. It didn’t set up like I wanted, but not to worry, I’m queen of my kitchen, so I just call it something different….and no one, but you, will know the difference;) A really awesome lady told me that one time, and I’ve always remembered it. She said you are the queen of your kitchen, and if something you make doesn’t turn out, you don’t have to say that…just call it something different! See the recipe in one of my other posts on French pancakes…yes they are my go to! You can make a batch and refrigerate and eat them all week! Here is the link about jam for the picture of the pectin to use. 

Here is the link to the pancake recipe. Try it without baking powder to get more of a crepe. I also used grapefruit juice instead of lemon in my apricot drizzle…it was good!…


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  1. Sheree says:

    Those look delicious!

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  2. Jen says:

    Or if you were on Top Chef you’d call it an apricot reduction!

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