This is so good, I have been drinking rice milk forever, I don’t know why I didn’t branch out before(but get the vanilla kind!) It is so good chilled out of the refrigerator…I have to label it mom or everyone drinks it:)

Meat loaf like you’ve never had….after you went dairy free:)

So I wanted some meatloaf so I attempted to be a little grander than just a basic meatloaf so my kids would eat it…they had some meatloaf from my brother and it was sooo good…so I think I got pretty close…and yes a couple of them did eat it;) Here is the recipe link I followed….

Christmas Cinnamon Rolls

Haven’t had cinnamon rolls like this since my mom made these…when I was eating gluten and dairy long ago!  This was the same place as the dinner rolls awhile ago Good Eats Gluten free Bakery….and I ordered them again…:) ….And I ordered the orange rolls….they come with frosting…I gobbled mine up and added some more of my…

~the Whole package~

It is the whole package when you can have the cream too:) So this pie turned out great! Here is the recipe I got a long time ago from my cousin. I don’t know where it is from or if she made it up, but it’s great:) I added an extra egg and also added…

Just like heaven ~ Gluten/Dairy free rolls

I couldn’t resist! I know thanksgiving is tomorrow…but I just picked up my order of rolls from Good Eats Gluten Free Bakery. Wow!!! Wow. Wow. Heavenly light rolls? …I have not had this light and fluffy of a roll since I had gluten… she is amazing, a miracle worker. I’m so excited that tomorrow I will…

Peppermint ice cream….please!!

I haven’t had peppermint ice cream in years…I got to thinking when I bought these candy canes….I could combine with my rice dream ice cream. Okay YES, it is delicious!!! Simple, just crush up the candy canes and combine with rice dream vanilla ice cream and you have it:) enjoy!