Chocolates for Vday…dairy free?

Check out this website I stumbled across for chocolates!! I haven’t tried them yet, but it looks promising! I see that they are free from a lot of ingredients  so this could be good! Waiting to her back about the actual ingredients they do have…


Yum! That’s all there is to say!  ….oh and it’s dairy free😘

Mushroom Bacon Pasta…dairy and gluten free!

So this is a yummy easy dish. I use Barilla gluten free pasta. While the pasta is getting cooked, I cook the mushrooms and Turkey bacon with some Olive oil, garlic powder, pepper, and salt. Then, when the pasta is done I combine with the mushroom mixture and cook for a little longer. Then pour…

To be in Paris! For now I drink hot cocoa;)

I just had to post this hot cocoa mix again! It’s so good to have dairy free hot cocoa! So I put generous spoonfuls and melt candy canes at the bottom, it’s just delicious…if I can’t make it to Paris, at least I have this:)

Ingredients for Pascha chocolate

This relates to an earlier post about dairy free white chocolate. I haven’t tried these yet, but here are the ingredients for those interested in trying:) I’m still looking in my local stores to find them. I did see they sell them on amazon if you don’t want to hunt them down:)