Lucky Charms are gluten and dairy free!

Yes I’m really just a kid at heart, but don’t ask me why I didn’t realize this important info before. These are just yum, …used in moderation of course;)

Afternoon Salad 

This is an easy, healthy lunch! Get some lettuce, whatever kind you like. Whip up some tuna mixed with mayo. Grab some frozen peas and defrost or use frozen. I place the lettuce then the tuna and top with peas. It’s great! Be careful if you are allergic to soy, some have soy in them!

And frozen pears..

Okay frozen pears are really good! It’s like eating a popsicle that’s good for you! Leave the skin on and slice it up. As you eat it the pear will defrost and the skin of the pear tastes like candy! If you freeze pieces with a stick in them, they could be popsicles for kids…

ITS A…dairy, gluten free sloppy joe!

Em’s sloppy Joe’s Brown 1 pound or so of meat with 2 cups of celery ( I like celery so I add a lot). Drain the grease off the meat. Then add about 2 cups of prego spaghetti sauce, a generous tablespoon of worchestire sauce, couple Tablespoons of brown sugar, couple dashes of garlic powder,…

Dairy gluten free enchiladas. 

These were really good! I used some taco meat left over from the night before. In a pan combine the cooked hamburger or chicken with the enchilada sauce of your choice. Then place corn tortillas with cheese ( I use cheddar Follow Your Heart cheese) in between the layers of corn tortillas. Pour over the…