Link to a helpful gluten free ideas site

Just was talking to someone and she mentioned this blog about gluten free and thought it may be helpful to someone

Deliciousness in 1 bite: Dairy Gluten free Lasagna

The picture I took of this delicious lasagna did not take on my camera like I thought!  I know this has nothing tondo with lasagna but it is a pretty picture of the first flowers in my gardenšŸ˜‰So…you will have to imagine it…. Regardless, this was soon good. My brother made this and shared this…

A delicious dairy and gluten free burrito

Amys Dairy and Gluten free burritosĀ are really good! So these are good and quick to prepare. I just pop them I Ā the microwave and add a bit of cheddar Follow Your Heart cheese and some lettuce, maybe add some olives and lettuce and salsa…and of course guacamole….this is good!! Worth buying! Follow the link and…

Hot toasty cider on a cold evening!

Want to have a nice hot toasty drink? Dairy free? Here’s another alternative that calls for a comfy couch, a good book, or Cinderella, or whatever movie you like:)…oh and don’t forget a cozy blanket….

Crumble Topping

Check out the post before this about Cornstarch Cookies! Use the recipe and instead of cooking it, leave it crumbly and put in baggies in the freezer. Pull it out and put it on rice dream strawberry ice cream. I don’t know if you have ever had the strawberry ice-cream bars with the cookie crumble…