A delicious dairy and gluten free burrito

Amys Dairy and Gluten free burritos are really good! So these are good and quick to prepare. I just pop them I  the microwave and add a bit of cheddar Follow Your Heart cheese and some lettuce, maybe add some olives and lettuce and salsa…and of course guacamole….this is good!! Worth buying! Follow the link and scroll down and see the ingredient list. It looks like you can buy these on amazon, but I have seen them in a lot of grocery stores too.

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  1. I used to live less than an hour from where this is made and I miss getting Amy’s stuff so cheap. I really love all of their products, particularly the GF Mac & cheese.

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    1. That would be great to get it cheaper, I would miss that too;) I agree the mac and cheese is delicious:)


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