Sugar Snap!

Sugar snap peas that is….they are delicious eaten alone or with this fresh looking tuna mixed with mayo. It’s still. Old and wintery here in Utah and this felt summery to me…I miss the sunny summery days! Just mix a can of tuna with mayo to the desired consistency, then buy some sugar snap peas….

Potato wheels, dairy and gluten free

These were quite good. I was craving tater tots which I have none of those right now…but i had some baked potatoes left over from a meal the other night. I sliced them up,  melted two tablespoons of earth balance butter, in the bottom of the fry pan,  and placed the slices in the pan….

Man does not live on bread alone! So we need cheesecake…

This is pretty good! Don’t let the picture fool you, this cheesecake is only about 5 or so inches across…but it is cheesecake, and it is dairy and gluten free…miracle? Yes. Ingredients below to see if it works for you too:)

Change your life and have a s’more!

I d0nt know if I’ve posted these before, but here are a couple more foods I have liked:)  Graham crackers for s’mores below! Ok so those are the graham crackers to bring on the next camp out!!! Yahoo..get some enjoy life chocolate chips and marshmellows and you are good to go! It will change your…

Dairy Substitutes:)

I was perusing along WordPress today and came across a blog that had some great recipe ideas and this great little chart she came up with to help her substitute when she bakes! I had to share, so I got her permission and here it is in the picture:) here is a link to her site…