Brownies so good and I didn’t have to make them:)

Grabbed this today on a whim..sooo good! Couldn’t really tell it was free of so many things because it really did taste so similar to regular milk full Brownies. These had the satisfying gooey and chunky texture that makes me wish I had maybe bought the whole display of them! Go get some!!

Dairy free white chocolate?!

Pascha chocolate….just heard of this! I haven’t tried it yet..but the reason I wanted to share is because they have WHITE dairy free chocolate, I’m soo excited! The possibilities are so exciting….white chocolate dipped gluten free pretzels..oh ya!

Candy Almonds

I used to make these with cashews..but almonds are my only safe nut right now:) Super easy..take some butter (I use each balance) and melt in a pan over the stove with brown sugar. I use about 2 tablespoons of butter and a handful of nuts. I add about  half cup of brown sugar. After…

Oreo Cake Cookies

I guess I really like treats! Here’s another yummy idea…so i cant have oreos  because they have gluten, so if you have cake mix around: You can make these pillsbury cake cookies (I’m sure Betty Crocker has a recipe too..) and instead of just frosting it, add the other side and you have an ‘oreo’. It’s really…

There’s always bubblegum.

Hey, but there’s always bubblegum! My husband is out to eat at a pizza place…I can still have pizza but it’s a new definition of delicious. I think if I knew I was dying tomorrow, I would just eat pizza!! But, at least no matter how old I get and how many food allergies, I…

Ranch dressing dairy free!

So this is great! I found this at The Good Earth. I mixed with mayo and it makes a great alternative for ranch dressing, it was quite a good taste…:)