I can eat it all!!! (repost)

**I reposted this to share how I make some of the things for Thanksgiving. This year I’m ordering rolls and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies from a local gluten free baker, Good Eats Gluten Free Bakery and I’ll let you know how that goes! Okay I don’t really like the cranberry stuff but I could eat it…we…

It’s slush;) (repost)

My 5 year old calls it sludge..but he doesn’t know sludge is gross…this stuff is good..it is slush! In my church gatherings growing up and at wedding receptions growing up we had slush all the time, it really is so good and I don’t think I’ll ever grow out of it:) So it’s a cooked…

Oh fudge! How I’ve missed you, let me count the ways..(repost)

For all you who want to try fudge this Thanksgiving, I’m reposting a post from last year:) I tried unsuccessfully a couple thanksgivings ago to make fudge…well here is my success!! I found a recipe when I Google marshmellows in fudge and I followed it except for I used enjoy life butter and enjoy life…

GOLD cupcakes!

No reason to not have pretty cupcakes even if  you’re dairy free! And apparently, I can eat ‘gold’ too;)

Potatoes will do in a pinch

I saw this somewhere online and thought I would try this. Super easy…wash and slice your potatoe thinly but not all the way through. Top with olive oil and salt and pepper, cook until toasty and soft! Top with your favorite toppings!