I can eat it all!!! (repost)

**I reposted this to share how I make some of the things for Thanksgiving. This year I’m ordering rolls and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies from a local gluten free baker, Good Eats Gluten Free Bakery and I’ll let you know how that goes!

Okay I don’t really like the cranberry stuff but I could eat it…we have had our own thanksgiving for a couple years now and it is awesome to start our own family traditions…also conveniently I make it all so I can eat it..it’s a lot of work but it is satisfying that I can eat it and have leftovers too. My kids actually eat more because I can make the things they like. It’s less crazy and great to connect with them..even if it’s only a little while, I wouldn’t trade those crazy fun times for anything..except a trip to Hawaii..I might bend..

Potatoes…I peeled and cut in slices, boiled  until soft and then mixed with regular enriched rice milk, enjoy life butter, and salt.

Turkey..I have found the best way to make a turkey thanks to my neighbor a couple years back…buy a not frozen turkey, wash it out (remove neck and giblets…I forgot to take out the giblets…they were ok just cooked in the bag….why do they give me the neck? haha)….and place in a oven bag from reynolds ( turkey size) and don’t forget to put a little flour inside the bag. Pour olive oil over the turkey inside the  bag, rub with a turkey rub. I like to buy one from Williams and Sonoma but you can make your own..there are concoctions all over Google I’m sure.

Ok then you throw in an onion or potatoes or carrots or whatever and then seal it with the tie thing that comes with the bags..don’t forget to cut slots in the top of the bag for it to vent the air…then cook at 325 until turkey heats to 165 in the thigh but not touching the bone..I test a couple differnt spots allover because no one wants to get sick off turkey! check Google to make sure I’ve got that right..I always double check I have it right…

Fruit salad..easy cut some fruit and toss with a little lemon juice to keep it from browning..then I add some sugary drink mix from my food storage and toss it around..delicious..like eating sour patch kids with real fruit!

Stuffing. This was more like croutons but it was good for a first try and I think I liked it crunchy. Cut up some onions and celery and cook in enjoy life butter with garlic powder, salt, pepper and chicken broth…then when onions and celery are soft toss with croutons ( I made mine by toasting bread in the oven both sides and cutting into squares..new grains white bread). Then I put it in the oven and cooked until toasty and voila!

I know don’t look at the oven it’s needing a cleaning…

Gravy..take the drippings from the turkey and put in a pan and boil with regular rice milk, chicken broth, and cornstarch (mix with water before putting in the mixture so it doesn’t clump- thanks Grandma:) stir until thickened.

It was a delicious meal, those were a couple of the directions for making a couple of the things I made, I’ll post the fudge break through soon:)


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