Veggies and Fruit for dinner, healthy!

Easy meal, however be forewarned that if you have kids like mine, the only thing I could convince them to eat was the sweetened fruit salad;)

Butternut squash soup: cook the squash(how to bake it) blend in blender until smooth (store in freezer bags for later if you can’t eat it all now..) I like to eat mine with earth balance butter and brown sugar..maybe add a little salt its a bit better:)

Cook spinach, boil until soft with a little water then drain and serve with lemon juice (that’s how I like it…)

Cut up potatoes, top with olive oil and salt and pepper and brown in the oven (apparently tho fries are made from potatoes my kids won’t touch these lol)

Cut up fruit you like and sprinkle with lemon juice. Sprinkle on sugar drink mix and stir it up.


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