Oh fudge! How I’ve missed you, let me count the ways..

I tried unsuccessfully a couple thanksgivings ago to make fudge…well here is my success!! I found a recipe when I Google marshmellows in fudge and I followed it except for I used enjoy life butter and enjoy life chocolate chips and rice milk instead of evaporated milk…oh wow..my kids loved it and so did I…its not milky like milk chocolate fudge but it is decadent like fudge and tastes like fudge and has the consistency of fudge..to say I’m happy about it is an understatement. Here is the link to the recipe I used, I followed it exactly except for the subs and I had a little less than 3 cups of chocolate chips..worked great anyway…now it’s got me thinking of adding mint and getting mint chocolate fudge..YES!

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  1. cgamble1521 says:

    Thanks for the reminder. Fudge is one of those I had given up when I stopped dairy. Will be trying this one before xmas.

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    1. hopeforeoe says:

      You should:) it was really so good. I have made a failed attempt at dairy free fudge some years back..it was a gooey mess! I think the marshmellows in this recipe and the boiling for 5 minutes is the key!


      1. cgamble1521 says:

        I’ll watch out for that ! Have you done a peanut butter variation ?

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        1. hopeforeoe says:

          I think that would be delicious! I can’t have peanuts, but I wonder if you put the peanut butter in the same time as the chocolate chips if that would work! I bet it would. I was going to try mint chocolate next and so it would taste like a mint truffle..I miss those!

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  2. Anonymous says:

    What a masterpiece Thanksgiving dinner you created!!!! Complete with fudge!!!!
    So proud of you for sticking in there and figuring out how you can still have the wonderful tastes and satisfaction of good food with your family!! Love you! Love, Mom

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