Breakfast sandwich, made for me by my son!

Ok so I had to bite into this on the side before I realized before it is all gone that I needed a picture to show you all this delicious thing! Okay this is a gluten free, dairy free, pork free breakfast sandwich! So the bread is from New Grains, their white bread; the sausage is the store bought turkey sausage; and the cheese is Follow Your Heart make a couple eggs and melt the cheese in the pan on the eggs when they are about done..make enough so you can put eggs on both sides of the sandwich; cook  sausage, then combine with mayo and a bit of bbq sauce; combine on  toasted bread! I didn’t watch my son make it, but I think that is what he did;) He started working for my brother’s Deli Gandolphos Deli. I wanted a sandwich and so I showed all the safe things I could eat and he made me a great sandwich right here at home, it was really great!  Although they don’t have gluten free options, I visited him yesterday and they were able to throw me together a salad and I got a huge kosher dill pickle, so good! 


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