searching for cream….and then came meringues!

So Thanksgiving is coming up and I really want some cream for my pie..I am allergic to coconut so that rules out a bunch of ideas..if you are in Utah you can go to  Eleanor’s Bakery and get gluten free/dairy free treats, BUT they are not coconut free so my dreams of cream had to get me looking for other ideas. The only nut I can have right now is almond…so I have a couple things I will try  and let you know how they go! Here are the ideas I’m going to follow. First, I’m going to make a heavy almond cream: so I watched this…so I’m currently soaking almonds…I’m adding powdered sugar for sure though! And I don’t know about the bag thing yet..have to look that up..

Then…my brother with an amazing bakery The Mighty Baker in Provo, Utah (with delicious things I wish I could eat—go there if you can eat dairy and gluten YUM!  ) gave me a link to this article:

She talks about how her mixture wouldn’t thicken so she added cornstarch and some heat(because she says cornstarch needs heat to thicken) and then it was good! I’m trying it! So make the cream and then thicken it..hope it works!

In my search I came across a recipe for meringues that look like a great new treat to try out! This picture is from that link…don’t they look yummy!!




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