Cream update…

So..I got my almonds and soaked them in water and successfully made almond thick milk from the nuts…I felt very awesome as I was very successful and I even dried the remaining bits of almonds to make almond flour with as seen below…

THEN I tried to thicken with a double boiler method with cornstarch…I mixed it with a peaks or cream fluff….not sure if it would have worked had I taken longer…

moved it to the pan to thicken and then mix with a hand really looked like gooey pudding…kind of gross!!..I added vanilla and loads of powdered sugar and a bit of salt.. I added quite a bit of cornstarch and so that’s maybe what made it gooey…idk..I don’t have the  heart to experiment again just yet..

So the take away is this…no I didn’t succeed in getting what I was hoping for…a miracle fluffy almond cream drifting with goodness!..but I did learn how to make creamy almond milk and how to make almond flour. It’s important to also share my attempts and my failures so others know it is really a process finding new things and ways of doing things. And  that we can still be joyful. Yes it feels sad and that’s ok… AND I’m going to be always hoping for some new miracle product and if I don’t find one it’s ok too. It’s a new kind of normal:) so…my alternative is to mix a small bit of rice milk and mix with my safe icing. I’m going to drizzle onto my pumpkin pie and add powdered sugar, not fluffly airy cream..but it will be delicious;)


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  1. strokedtolife says:

    😦 sorry it didn’t work out but I’m proud of you for attempting it! And way to go- you made almond flour!

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    1. hopeforeoe says:

      Thanks:) I tried…so down it didn’t work out..going to try again w double boiler method and less cornstarch…I fear I will still achieve the same gooey mess!


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