Oh how I want to take a huge bite of a deep dish pizza Hut cheese and pepperoni pizza!! …well this isn’t it..but this is the best cheese I’ve found YET that is coconut free melts and I’ve had it on tacos and spaghetti and it’s pretty good! It is something  I will buy again. I’ve been trialing soy and honestly I don’t miss soy..I can have soybean oil and soy lecithin…and the cheese I’ve had with soy so far is not great..its ok…so this Follow Your Heart cheese was suggested by someone on facebook I think and I’m just reviewing it now while I have a yes don’t buy this the weird looking squishy soy cheese..just buy this:)  I love that it has the regular orange cheddar cheese and the mozzarella too. I haven’t tried pizza with it yet…but its the closest I’ve come yet to my Pizza Hut dream;)


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