Let’s talk flour…

Gluten free flour, ….can it taste good?? YES!! I have used not very many, but I found one that works and tastes good and when I cook with it, it is a pretty delicious outcome. Use the mix from  Cooking for Isaiah!20161102_121414

I just tried a mix from Utah the other day thinking I would save myself some time…used it to make pancakes…so sorry Utah mix, but it was so yucky!! I just threw it out it was so bad…the taste was not comparable to the flour I make from this book. I know it takes extra time, but it is so good and really is worth the effort. Especially if you are cooking for kids! I have found my non gluten free kids dont like the pancakes even with the good flour…but I tried a more sugary pancake..the french pancakes listed on another post of mine and it was good(I haven’t tried it out on my kids yet…)! Again..you can’t compare to what you remember..but it is really a delicious kind of new ‘good’ to like and be satisfied with.

However, that being said, my kids like my gluten free homemade cookies BETTER than the ones I make regular for them…

So..save yourself some time, get the book and make the flour!



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