Tacos, dairy free mix

I forget to take a picture sometimes because I’m so excited to eat it….you have to search a little while to find a mix that doesn’t contain milk..here is one I found. Follow the instructions and add to your browned meat..I added the taco mix on top of these dairy free tostadas and topped with tomatoes and avocados, sooo good! I like to salt the meat as it cooks, gives the meat a little more flavor. A little ironic though…because I’m trying to cook with less sodium for my husband..oh well..it tasted good..so here’s another meal for you that would work dairy free! Top with some Follow Your Heart Mozerella Cheese!20170408_203841 (2)20170408_20385320170407_20203520170407_20203020170408_20382520170408_203829


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