Savory chicken

This chicken has been so easy and such a lifesaver in my busy life. Most of the kids all love it and it is dairy and gluten free yay! So really easy…I get 2 mini whole chickens….place them in the pan and pour a small amount of olive oil all over the chicken. Then in another bowl mix salt, black pepper, garlic powder, thyme and  parsley. Sprinkle a generous amount all over the chicken. Bake uncovered at 400 degrees until the top is browned. Place tin foil on top of the chicken and then cook the chicken until done at 325 degrees…I always Google it to remember the correct temp…then eat and enjoy!  Some little kids don’t like the hotness of the spice mix for the chicken…you could cook one without so many spices..little kids sometimes don’t like all that stuff;)  I know from experience! The picture above doesn’t have as many spices as I usually use! Either way, this is really good. I usually cook this when I know I’ll be home most of the day while it cooks. When it’s done, I baste it with the chicken juices after I cut into it..this makes it so yummy!


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  1. Joëlle says:

    Hi! Roasting a chicken is such a breeze and a life-saver when your schedule gets crazy… I usually do it over the weekend while tending to the housecleaning. The best chicken I have had in the U.S. was organic and bought at Trader Joe’s, last month. I lathered it in tamari sauce, added some herbs, salt, and olive oil. As I pricked it while basting, it rendered delicious juices. After we have finished a roast chicken, I never toss the juices away: instead, I freeze them in a jar. Two or three TBSP of this stuff will add flavor to any blah vegetable soup! (Can’t use bouillon cubes any more, too many unknown in the ingredients)
    Thank you for liking my post. Happy safe cooking!

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    1. hopeforeoe says:

      Wonderful ideas! Thank you, never thought of saving the juices, you say freeze them or just refrigerate them? And pricking the chicken while basting good idea….do you baste the juices onto the chicken while it is cooking?

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      1. Joëlle says:

        I don’t baste the juices because hubby likes his chicken crispy ^^. (Actually it’s his recipe 🙂). I actually freeze the juices. I get the jar out of the freezer about five minutes before using so the spoon can go in!

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        1. hopeforeoe says:

          Haha yes! You can have some;) maybe so, maybe I try without the baking powder…or maybe I should add more rice milk to make them thinner..they are supposed to be more like a crepe..but I’m not patient enough to always measure things perfect..that could be the problem. Would love the crepe recipe!


        2. hopeforeoe says:

          Oh perfect thanks:)


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