Its dinner time again…

So dinnertime with multiple food allergies and food eliminations can be tricky. Especially when you are hungry! And you have to cook for you and others who have no food allergies. One thing I have found to be helpful is to make sure to have snacks on hand while cooking…especially if you are making something you can’t have…then you aren’t tempted! Some things I use..fritos, corn chips, potato chips, gummy candies (gluten free..check the labels, some chewy candy has wheat flour!). If I’m making a dessert I can’t have, I like to have sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies frozen that I can munch on so I won’t feel tempted. I try to keep frosting in the fridge for the cookies…the best advice is to be prepared!! If you are starving and just starting out, be prepared before you start coking for everyone else, good luck making dinner, you will do great!!


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