Dairy Free smoothie




Wow, life’s busy! I haven’t posted on here for almost a month..So I love to run and sometimes after a long run I love to have a smoothie, this is delicious and super easy. Some of my kids really like it too. I use  calcium rich oj, a frozen banana or two, about 5 stawberries(frozen), and a scoop of this protein powder. A variation I have also had that is really good is just the rice milk with the protein powder. You have to blend it though with a high speed blender…the powder can get sticky and clump together if you don’t and that is not good…kids wouldn’t love that either! I can see this as a great way for little kids  to get their protein and I use the enriched rice milk so it has the calcium you need…if rice milk is your only drink..and eggs are safe this protein drink might save you!








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