this bread saves me!




Breakfast can be a very hungry part of the day. There aren’t always a lot of options when you can’t think and you are hungry. One of my quick go to meals is bread and butter and homemade strawberry jam or honey. It’s delicious! This bread I found and it is the best yet that I found that I can have. It is a company based in Utah I believe. I don’t know if they sell it other places, but it is sooo good! It is more of the consistency of bread. I love to toast it, but it is great with lunchmeat too.


Yum! and here is the ‘butter’ I use that has saved me and tastes yum if you can’t have the real thing:

This is a treat for some, breakfast for me! I think your kids would like it too if they have EOE, it’s great!

Strawberry jam I make from scratch because I’m not to keen on the taste of the grocery store kinds…just get some frozen strawberries and defrost in the microwave, or get some fresh ones and cut off the green stems. Blend and follow the directions on the surejel package, not too hard! Happy Day!


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