dairy free Cheese review

I really like Follow Your Heart Cheese brand….., the shredded kinds and the provolone block cheese from them. BUT, I bought this mozerella block and I say just stick to the shredded mozerella from Follow Your Heart brand. The taste was not good. However, the provolone block cheese from them I’ve really liked! Just so…

Best little animal crackers! Gluten/Dairy free

You know those animal crackers in the little red zoo train box? I miss those…and if this brand could just put these in little red zoo train boxes, I’d be perfectly happy. But, they are just delicious no matter the box. Great for kids, great for adults:)┬álink to cookies

Veggies and Fruit for dinner, healthy!

Easy meal, however be forewarned that if you have kids like mine, the only thing I could convince them to eat was the sweetened fruit salad;) Butternut squash soup: cook the squash(how to bake it) blend in blender until smooth (store in freezer bags for later if you can’t eat it all now..) I like to…

let me eat Cake!

My brother owns a bakery….posts lots of yummy pictures, mainly I crave the cake!…so I made some and it was so satisfying…I ate my cake and my ice-cream too, all dairy free!

Article on dairy free cheese

Heres an article on dairy free cheese, very interesting and exciting for people who can’t have dairy… Here’s the article:)