Midnight snack!! df/gf

Yes it’s late, at least in this part of the world! But I was hungry! Strawberry rice dream ice cream, Yes! Pepperoni pizza, Yes! All dairy and gluten free, Yes! So untrue that we who have to stay away from gluten and dairy have to eat gross stuff…no! This is so good,

seriously. Get this stuff:

Rice dream ice cream, strawberry

Kinnikinnick pizza crusts

Prego spaghetti sauce 

Follow your heart fiesta blend and mozzarella 

Turkey pepperoni 

Place frozen pizza on the pan, spread on the sauce, sprinkle on the cheese, add pepperoni, cook 400 degrees convection bake until nice and brown and yummy…eat! But don’t forget to scoop out the delicious strawberry ice cream and eat at the SAME time😁 happy snacking!

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