Cinnamon Sugar Bundt Cake




Okay sorry two of these pictures are sideways…:) Okay so I started out with this cake mix but I added brown sugar and cinnamon here and there as I put the batter in the bundt pan. It turned out great, I powdered with powdered sugar because it looked better and because it broke coming out of the pan;) My son suggested more sugar and cinnamon bits throughout the cake, and I thought that it may need a tsp of salt so that u can really taste the sugar,…or maybe add buts of safe butter with the brown suager and cinnamon…I think that would be best and skip the salt..I think that would make it taste like the monkey bread I was craving… (monkey bread same idea but with roll dough dipped in butter and rolled generously with brown sugar and cinnamon then cooked in the bundt pan:) this should be good for allergies and non allergy family members as well:)


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