brownies and hot chocolate, yum!

So as my son was pulling out the milk chocolate mix to have his hot chocolate, I was feeling weak in the knees and was missing hot chocolate! I remember seeing a post from someone somewhere that combined powdered sugar and cocoa powder but had never tried it..I googled it and found a recipe by the link;) and I substituted powdered sugar for the sugar…ok I think if I would have measured it would have been better, but it still was quite good considering I hadn’t had it in forever! I’m going to keep searching for what is best for me, but I think this is a good starting point. Comment if u have another great recipe! Okay so on to the brownies, I love these mixes I can have, so I finally mixed this one up I have held onto for awhile, it was delish, and even though I put the ‘do not eat’ sign on it, they got sampled by mu husband who really like them. I freeze what I don’t eat and I must say that the frozen ones reminded me a little of fudge, so good. The picture of the brownies just sort of blopped on the plate, so I added icing on top since I didn’t have my safe ice-cream on hand, it was quite the sugar, chocolate burst, have a lovely day:)





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