yum!-belated Happy Valentine’s Day;)


Yes, another treat…what can I say, I like treats! I meant to post this before valentines day, but life is busy! This one is special to me, because I looove sugar cookies with loads of frosting…but my safe foods don’t include wheat and milk. BUT, I found an old recipe from a friend and changed it to work for me..then added this that is safe for me:


I freeze the cookies, and then add frosting when I need a pastry and can’t eat what everyone else is eating for their delicious dessert. They would freeze with the frosting too I bet..I don’t have to microwave them, I just start eating them after I frost them..and they are just perfect. I think that if my kids ever have what I have, I would make these, because they taste like the real thing:) Here is the recipe for the cookies:

Ok..I will post that part soon, the recipe has apparently walked away and is nowhere to be found…I will post it soon!




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