Cool whip for me!!

Ok not cool whip… but looks like it tastes like it and I’ll take it. It’s delicious!! And I can eat it. Hopefully you can too 🙂


Best. Fake. Cheese. Ever.!!!! My amazing brother in law/master chef made me a grilled cheese sandwich Sunday, why is this so cool you ask? I haven’t had one for years that was great… last Sunday I was in heaven eating a grilled cheese sandwich dairy and gluten free with the most delicious tomato soup (and…

Good stuff, good life!

This is really really good! Try this! I think even kids will like this, maybe minus the veggies;) Just take out the veggies before boiling if you think they won’t like it! Enjoy your day:)


This is so good, I have been drinking rice milk forever, I don’t know why I didn’t branch out before(but get the vanilla kind!) It is so good chilled out of the refrigerator…I have to label it mom or everyone drinks it:)

Meat loaf like you’ve never had….after you went dairy free:)

So I wanted some meatloaf so I attempted to be a little grander than just a basic meatloaf so my kids would eat it…they had some meatloaf from my brother and it was sooo good…so I think I got pretty close…and yes a couple of them did eat it;) Here is the recipe link I followed….

Christmas Cinnamon Rolls

Haven’t had cinnamon rolls like this since my mom made these…when I was eating gluten and dairy long ago!  This was the same place as the dinner rolls awhile ago Good Eats Gluten free Bakery….and I ordered them again…:) ….And I ordered the orange rolls….they come with frosting…I gobbled mine up and added some more of my…