Dairy and gluten free cheesy pasta with spinach

I used Barilla gluten free pasta which I really like. Then I put a little Olive oil and cooked the noodles in that with the cheese, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and spinach. I thought it was good  but I think better with the cheddar or mozzarella next time:)


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  1. M.Morris says:

    Looks delicious!

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    1. hopeforeoe says:

      The gluten free Barilla pasta makes it taste really good, I think i like a bit of cheddar in it also, and next time I’m going to put a little squirt of lemon on top…(i always like lemon w spinach;)

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  2. strokedtolife says:

    I’m still scared to try to dairy free cheese but you’ve almost convinced me 😉

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    1. hopeforeoe says:

      It’s good:) It’s good, Pizza Hut is better…but I’ll just eat that if I know I’m dying;)…because I’m allergic (for anyone who doesn’t know…;)


      1. strokedtolife says:

        If you’re dying- better not be for a LONG time- I know exactly what foods to bring you LOL. I need to try the dairy free cheese I just get too afraid. But the pasta and the enchiladas almost have me convinced- both look delicious!

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